The law firm Dr. Berit Kann was founded in 1996 and has specialised exclusively in the field of criminal law, mainly the so called white collar crime. Apart from the defence of individuals, the firm offers legal counselling and representation to national and international enterprises in criminal investigation proceedings.




The task of a defence lawyer means crisis management. Not only individual’s risk a fine, or even a prison sentence, also companies often risk penalties and fines. Beside that the potential collateral damages attached to it are in most cases of utmost importance. Criminal proceedings are devastating for anyone, reputations may be irrevocably damaged by allegations alone and media coverage can be harmful to a client’s reputation. These problems need to be managed professionally and to the highest of standards.




Berit Kann has a broad and well established level of experience defending and counselling her clients at all stages of a criminal investigation and prosecution. She comfortably integrates with colleagues from other law firms and other areas of the legal system when required.




Criminal law has become increasingly transnational, as a result of the globalization of businesses. Berit Kann therefor has established a network with foreign law firms, who also specialize in the field of criminal law to support this evolving international business arena. Berit Kann understands what it takes to work across various legal systems and commercial environments and to bridge language and cultural gaps.




The scientific assistance at the chair of Prof. Dr. Urs Kindhäuser also provides Berit Kann with the ability to be creative within her own lawyer’s work.